Eight More Days…

Well, it’ll be eight more days after I wake up tomorrow, but I’m starting early since when I go to bed, it’ll be practically tomorrow anyway.  🙂  I’m so excited to go to Messiah! I only have six more days at Walmart before my leave of absence starts and then only two more days til I’m off to Pennsylvania, next to Amish land.   Oh I can’t wait to be seven hours away from home.  Yay!

Writing is fun.  I write lots and lots and lots.  I’ve also started handwriting in my journal again–for some reason, I’d taken an extensive break from writing in it, which was saddening because writing in a journal is fun.  Like, who doesn’t like writing by hand??  It just feels so much cooler than typing.  Then again, I‘m a Jane Austin-type girl.   But writing in my journal must mean that there’s something going on in my life, correct?  Now, if I’m a Jane Austin girl, that must mean that it has something to do with romance, correct? Haha, yeah right–I’m a romance writer, of course it has to do with romance.  -Sigh- but it will remain a secret until it no longer is being written about.

Oh, and it is terrible working at Walmart.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my cashiers and my coworkers and all them, but working in a store that has all the stuff that I love to buy is just terrible.  It’s so hard not to spend all my money that I’m earning in that store!   I guess I’ve got to learn self-control one day…why shouldn’t it be now?

Well, I believe I feel sleep taking over me and I still need to get some writing done, so I best be signing off.  Until next time, au revoir.



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