College People are Weird

So here I was, coming out of class–an innocent freshman just going about my normal activities–when stepping out of Boyer Hall I am blasted with sunlight and some people tooting into a blue horn and banging on a trashcan.  But this…this is not the strangest thing.  No, the strangest thing that day was I saw a man in a dress…with a wig on, and a horn attached to his forehead.  He was dressed in sparkling blue and white.  I was pretty sure I stepped into an alternate universe…something like Narnia, or Middle Earth–but no, this strange land is, Messiah College.

Alright, I’m not kidding, this did happen. I may be over dramatic when I write (I mean, come on, I’m a writer–what do you expect!?), but I gotta say, this took me for a shock.  There was some girl shouting like a gypsy about how it was the “Ring by spring ceremony” …. not interested.  I don’t think my parents would be happy if I was engaged by this spring… 😉  Still, it was very entertaining.

Also, just a bit ago, Jacey–a new floor mate–just came in and freaked me out! Like literally, I jumped back and squealed. 😛  I guess I listen to my music really loudly. haha.  Well, it’s quiet hours down here in the basement, so that means I better head up to my old floor where the latenighters galore 🙂


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