Spring Semester Stress

Well, J-term is over and after a four-day break, all Messiah students were thrust into the busy spring semester.

My classes this semester are a bit more intense, but after attending one class of each, I relaxed and realized that it wasn’t going to be as bad as originally intended. Lesson number one: Don’t stress early…it’s just not healthy.  I’m taking Chemistry 102, Called and Created for Community (CCC–a mandatory first year class at Messiah), Oral Communications, French 206 (conversational French), and Problem Solving with Computers (it fulfills my second math Gen-ed).  I was most worried about Chemistry and Communications, but after my first classes, it seemed like everything would work out as long as I stay on top  of things.

My first week of classes was okay, not necessarily difficult, more just stressful.  At the end, I was so tired and generally stressed out that I redeveloped my stress-relieving activity–cleaning.  During finals week of last semester, I developed this habit and I believe it will also be happening this semester.  Yes, it may be a method of procrastination, but it’s a PRODUCTIVE procrastination method!

Now it’s time to go watch the Patriots beat the Giants…


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