A College Movie Night


Puss in Boots PosterLast night, I went with my friend Lauren to see the movie Puss in Boots at Messiah College’s movie theater.  The movie was okay–a decent plot accented by lots of humor (many sexual in nature). What it lacked in good theology and plot, it made up in humor.

The basic plot line of the movie is wrapped around a villain kitty named Puss and an egg named Humpty. The two share a common goal of finding magic beans…which they’re willing to do anything to find.  During their quest, to find these beans, Puss and Humpty find themselves stealing, deceiving, and lying in order to get their hands on beans so that they could raid the giant’s castle and become rich. Throughout this, however, Puss struggles with his conscience which pushes him to do what’s right out of respect for his motherly figure.

Though both Puss and Humpty end up fighting for what is right and protecting each other in brotherly love, the sweet ending is tainted theologically with the statement from Puss saying, “Oh Humpty, I always knew you were good underneath.”  This clearly is in opposition to Jesus saying that “no one is good but God alone.”  This statement in the movie clearly communicates the point of the movie–people are baCute Pusssically good underneath; they may screw up every once in a while, but everyone is basically good.  However, throughout the entire movie, the main characters are battling against their evil nature; they are not naturally good.


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