Well, here goes another blog post…

Considering that my last blog post was in March, I’d have to say that consistent blogging is not my strongpoint. However, we’ll see if it gets anymore consistent over summer break.  Although, since I’ve been home, I feel as if I have less time than I do at college.

So, I’ve had hiccups since February 2nd and nothing seems to work (and don’t tell me that I just need a good scare, because the thought of having these hiccups for any longer is scary enough).  I’ve gotten more advice from people I barely even thought I knew.  It’s craziness at the very least!  At least I have an interesting story to tell people–“Yes, I had the hiccups for four and a half months..” As it is, currently, it’s frustrating being ‘that girl’–you know, the one who hiccups in chapel or church, in the middle of those awkward silences, and halfway through a word in the middle of her sentence…

My life is consumed by visiting with friends and family, working at Walmart, and planning for VBS.  Oh yes, and reading. I’m on book twenty-two out of the hundred that I hope to read over the summer. 🙂



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