The Life of a J-term Student

While most people enjoy extended breaks with no homework, I’ve never claimed to be like most people.  I am so glad that Messiah requires all first and second year students to participate in J-term (January term). 

After a nice two to three week break, I head back to school for the start of the spring semester.  I take one class every day for three hours for one month.  When I arrived on campus, I was enrolled to take Encountering the New Testament.  However, within three hours of getting back, I switched to Brethren in Christ Life and Thought–a theology class about the Brethren in Christ (BIC) theology.  With that switch, I am now in the same class as three of my good friends–Jacey, Melissa, and Carissa.  I’ve never really been in classes with my best friends, so it’s a little wierd.  There’s someone to kick me when I start falling asleep, slap me when I start writing novels in class, and a group with which to study and do homework. 

I’m kind of disappointed that I have yet to enjoy a snowstorm where I don’t have to shovel anything. I’d really like to experience this at some point soon but so far all Grantham has had is rain…and well…perfect weather.  I never thought I would complain that it was fifty or sixty degrees everyday but, I don’t know, I’d like some snow…it makes things pretty on the first day 🙂 And I wouldn’t have to shovel it…heh. 🙂



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