25 Addictions

Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of comments on things that my friends think that I’m addicted to. I’ve simplified this list to 25 things that I will admit to being addicted to. They are not in order, and vary in extremity.

1. Pandas — I have a collection of stuffed pandas on my bed…it looks bad, but it doesn’t look quite as bad as my roommates collection of pigs and piglets!

Doctor Who   2. Doctor Who — This is definitely a recent addiction, but I have to admit, 6 1/2 seasons in two months is a little extreme…

3. Really lame Disney movies and TV shows — This addiction is probably the most detrimental to my schoolwork. I’ll spend hours and hours on Netflix watching the lamest things.

4. Crocheting — Not quite as much of an addiction, but if you saw the skeins of yarn around my bed, you may think otherwise.

5. Facebook — It’s generic. Everyone’s addicted, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

6. Purses — Whenever I walk into a store that contains accessories, I always have to look at the purses and convince myself that I don’t need another bag to carry my gum, keys, and phone in. I’ve had at least 10 at the height of this addiction, but I am recovering.

7. Chocolate — A woman can never have enough chocolate.

8. Personality tests — I love analyzing myself (and others) with these. I’ll take six online, only to find that I get the same general result! Do I really think that my personality will change between tests?  I’m not sure…

9. Naps — If I had time, was relaxed enough, and didn’t have any interruptions, this would be a much more time cjournalsonsuming addiction.

10. Walking in circles — As many people have noticed, I walk in circles when I talk.  If I sit down, I’m back up again within a  minute.

11. Journals — Another shopping addiction.  It doesn’t matter how many empty ones I have on my shelf, I always want more.

12. Temple Run — an Apple iPhone/iPod app.  I could spend hours playing that game and trying to out-do my previous scores.

13. Jeans and Tshirts — I’m working on breaking this one by trying to look nice a couple days a week. But most of the time, I just don’t want to try.

14. Heights — I love being up high, too bad I’m terrified of it…

15. Sprite/Lemon-lime sodas — It is currently the only type of soda I will drink. Coke and Pepsi and Rootbeer all taste disgusting to me.

16. Bones — Not the objects, the show.  It’s being replaced by Doctor Who, but it still flares up every once in a while.

17. Sticky notes — I have thousands of sticky notes. I use them for everything though–encouraging notes for my roommate, reminders, to-do lists. You name it, I probably use them for it.

18. Settlers of Catan — Some number of years ago (six perhaps?) I was introduced to this board game and now always on the lookout for other members of the club.

19. Hot Apple Cider — This is mostly a ‘fall only’ addiction, but it’s basically my personal form of coffee.

20. Colorful pens — I’m  sucker for a good pen in a fun color 🙂

21. Sweatpants Saturday — If I have to do work, then I get to grunge.

22. Singing — If a song cpuppy!omes on that I know, I will end up singing it, even if I have to sing it in my head.

23. Compliments — Once I get one, I want more. 🙂

24. $5 Movies at Walmart — It’s such a good deal…until you’ve accumulated twenty of them.

25. Puppies — Picture of cute puppy = must pet, must repost, must ‘like’.  Who can resist them?!


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