4 Things People Actually Said

So over the course of the fall semester, I had the privilege of working at the local student hang out building–the Larson Student Union–at Messiah as a campus events worker (which is actually a nice name for a janitor). So yeah, I emptied trash…and cleaned off some tables, swept the floor, and tried in vain to keep the windows free of fingerprints. Not the best job in the world, but it pays…a little.

One of the very few perks (or downfalls, depending on how you perceive it) of that job–besides the fact that it was mindless and easy–was that I got to overhear a variety of conversations. Some that were interesting, some that were weird, and some that were highly inappropriate.  Sometimes I was just left wondering… and wanting a bit more context to the conversation.

However, I present you with the four most strange statements that I overheard during the fall semester of 2013, the things that made me sometimes want to get away (fast), stick around for a little more context, or just sit for a moment and ponder…

So, in reverse order of amusement/best quotes:

4. “It’s like the Hunger Games were actually real…”

3. “Why are you wearing underwear?”

2. “You can only seductively eat French fries for so long.”

And last but not least, the most disgusting and awkward question that I have ever had the unfortunate privilege of overhearing in the ladies restroom…

1. “Do I still have to wash my hands even if I didn’t touch my vagina?”


And there you have it. A little humor to totally finish off my semester.

Til the next list: “The Five Things I’m Most Worried About Before Leaving the Country”


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