Pre-Departure Panic Attacks…and a Wedding?

Well, this is it. In two days, I will be IN PARIS. I’m not entirely sure it will really sink in until I’m on the plane…or at least in the airport, but I’m getting there. Every day is a step closer.

This week has been absolutely hectic and crazy and stressful. But it does make for a good story, which I am about to share with my abundance of readers.


So, to begin, last Sunday night I decided to dye my hair brown. I’d been planning on it for a while, but had been trying to stall a bit longer. I had the color sitting on my bookshelf in my room, ready to go. So I did it. I dyed my hair brown. I let it sit for the allotted time and then showered it out. Then I let it dry overnight.

I woke up the next morning, eager to see how it had turned out. My excitement quickly dashed to horror and panic as I realized that the color had turned out MUCH darker than expected–almost black. Against my pale skin, I looked like a goth ghost. I tried to fix it myself…which was a big mistake. Bad went to worse, several times in fact.

For the first three days of the week (each of which felt like a week of their own), I was an emotional wreck. So I suppose that I should have guessed that I was suffering from the dreaded female condition known as PMS. There were too many tears shed and a lot more screaming than my poor helpless parents should have had to endure.

Finally, I made an appointment at a local salon to pay the big bucks to have it repaired. Which they did, miraculously. I also had them chop off the last two inches of my hair (since they were pretty fried) and then layer it nicely. Here is the end result:


Meanwhile, in the midst of all this happening, I had volunteered earlier in the month to be the Queen for my church’s girls’ group event “See the Queen”. Basically, it’s an etiquette night where they have dinner with the queen (in this case, ME). Fortunately for me, someone else had volunteered to teach the girls etiquette, and I just go to come in and let them be all fancy and formal and adorable with me. 🙂  It was pretty great.

Anyway, for this event, I was supposed to wear a formal dress, which I do not own. So originally I had planned to go ‘vintage’ and try and adapt a dress that I stole from my mum’s closet, but then at the very last minute, I had a brilliant idea! I drove over to see my sister and requested to use her wedding dress for the evening. She agreed without hesitation and we tried it on and it fit almost perfectly (with the exception of being about an inch too long). But we packed it into my car and I used it for queen night!


When the Queen’s dinner had been completed, I decided that it would be a surprise and shock to walk down the aisle of my church and shock the worship team, which was practicing there that evening. The expressions on their faces were quite amusing as they made their jokes and comments. The next day, this photo appeared on Facebook.


Suffice to say, it was pretty amusing to see everyone’s reactions–comments, questions, and thoughts.

And now, I just completed doing sound for a funeral. Tomorrow, there’s a wedding. And then Sunday, I shall depart for the land of love, fashion, and happiness. Okay, I guess it’s just Paris. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pre-Departure Panic Attacks…and a Wedding?

  1. Love the haircut and you look gorgeous! Also glad you were able to get it trimmed – a trim can always help make hair seem more full somehow. Probably won’t get a chance to call you as I imagine you’ll be running around quite a bit! But I’ll catch you on facebook chat!

  2. Best best best of luck, joy, hope, and blessings to you on this adventure. You have grown from that two year old little blonde flower girl of mine whom I didn’t think we would be able to get off of the glass elevators to this beautiful young lady sprouting her wings on such a grown up journey. Make us all proud, as you always done baby bird! Love you, Aunt Debbie

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