Paris: The Most Wonderful City in the World

IMG_0808Though I’ll admit I’m still in the tourist mindset right now, I can’t imagine a better place on earth than Paris! I mean, it has all the sites and museums. So far, I’ve already taken far more pictures than anyone will ever want to see, so I try and limit the ones I post to the more interesting ones…the ones that I think are the ones that everyone else wants to see. Anyway, I always feel a little weird taking out my camera in Paris. I want to become one of them…but those windows…those storefronts…this baguette!  THEY ALL LOOK SO AMAZING. I do try to refrain from taking pictures of my food…unless it’s completely and utterly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…or I have something to prove (for example, when I go to eat snails). I mean, it will not be the last french baguette that I get to eat or the last panini.


   There’s an endless amount of things to do in the city…the Louvre itself  could take at least a week to go through in it’s entirety! And when you’re done with all the touristy things in la ville de Paris (which in my opinion, would never happen), other major cities are only a relatively short train ride away. Ahh the beauty of Europe!

Now, of all the beautiful things in Paris, all the art (which I have actually yet to see) and buildings…and gardens…WHAT IS THE BEST?? The churches.


Seriously. You have never seen a beautiful church until you come to Paris. Well…..that’s probably a lie. But they truly are spectacular. And fascinating. And they actually have masses. I took a program from Notre Dame’s Sunday Mass. In French!  I was in one today that was advertising a college group to ‘grow your faith’ and ‘learn to pray’ …or something like that (it was in French so my translation might be a little off).

It’s also pretty amazing that I can just wander around and see the most amazing sites! The Pyramid of the Louvre, The Arcs de Triomphes, The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame. Paris is one of the most wonderful cities to get lost in…as long as you know how to get home! I got lost twice the first day, the first time was for orientation and I was walking around trying to find the office for two hours, the second time I got out of the wrong door of the metro, ended up in an area and started walking in a direction…the opposite direction of my homestay! I was lost for about an hour before I figured it all out. On the bright side, I haven’t gotten unintentionally lost since. 🙂

IMG_0652 IMG_0532











Today I went to Versailles. It was absolutely incredible. My favorite part was definitely the ceilings. I know. It sounds ridiculous, but they were the most beautiful things! So ornate. So incredible. The Hall of Mirrors was also a sight of splendor! Such a historic room, which was–ironically–placed between the “War Room” and the “Peace Room”.   Since it was windy (not cold so much, but the wind chill was pretty bad), we decided to call it a day and come back later in the Spring when the flowers are out and the fountains are working…and it’s warmer.  When we got back to the city, we wandered around the monument of the Bastille looking for a couple items for our upcoming weekend trip to Amsterdam.



Hall of Mirrors



One thought on “Paris: The Most Wonderful City in the World

  1. I’ve already said this but I’ll say it again AMAZING pictures! Keep up the good work 🙂 ❤

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