Two Weeks In, the Nutella Craze has Hit Me

Well, this week marked the start of reality. I need to learn French, French food is too delicious for my own good, and I still don’t have a French man.


I started classes this week. Okay, I started ONE class this week–but it is two hours a day and it assigns homework (which I am already putting off until the last minute). My professor is the nicest person ever. She’s so great and animated and a fantastic teacher!


I don’t feel ashamed at all to make mistakes–though I don’t do that much talking in class (I’m kind of shy in new situations) unless directly asked.  The class is at 10 AM and it’s about 30 minutes away from my home-stay. I have two textbooks for this class–one was free and the other was 21 euros. Still, not bad compared to what most American textbooks are.

Friday was Valentines Day, in case you missed that little newsflash. And being in the city of Love and Romance–I kind of expected something exciting! Alas, I only saw two florists the entire day, and there was no parade of hearts and flowers in the streets. It just seemed kind of anti-climactic.


On the bright side, I went to a movie with a couple friends– LA BELLE ET LA BETE! The new version that just released in Paris two days before. It was an excellent movie! Though the plotline seemed dramatically different from both the Disney version and the original French version. I’d kind of like to watch it again either in English or with subtitles.


Saturday I went to a flea market for a few hours. It was kind of nice to wander around and just watch the people, smell the food, and look at cool stuff that I don’t need but would make great souvenirs. Still, it was an experience–since I’d never been to a flea market before and this was the largest one in Paris supposedly. I got a watch for about 5 euros–I love it, and now I can know the time whenever I want without having to pull out a piece of technology. I also wandered around and got a Nutella-Chocolat Cupcake at a local cupcakery. It was the most wonderful cupcake I’d ever had in my life!



Sunday, was church day. I’d already decided this long in advance. I had planned all week to go to Hillsong Paris (the 12:15 service). But on Saturday afternoon, my uncle sent me an email with a church to check out, and since I could easily attend both, I figured, why not? It’s not like I had plans anyway. So I went to Hillsong Paris and it was definitely an experience. I kind of just wanted to hide in a corner sometimes, but I made it through. I’ve never been to a mega church before and this was pretty big. It was like a rock concert–

IMG_1170which might work for some people, but I don’t think it’s for me. Still, I find it amusing and I’ll definitely be going there a couple more times. I really liked that it was both in English and French at the same time–it made things go slower, but it also gave my mind sort of time to catch up with all the busyness happening around me. I also got the chance to chat with some people there and signed up for some information on small groups and then started on my way to the other church.

On the way, I grabbed my first Nutella crepe (I think I’m on a Nutella craving right now). Definitely a good decision! It was so delicious! Ahh…I could eat one of those every day of my life. When I arrived at the church, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a small chapel on the second and third floor of a building. It seemed like a relatively small attended service (in comparison to Hillsong Paris at least), was totally in English (kind of disappointing) but I felt more at home. Afterwards, they had a coffee and snack hour. After a half hour there, I headed out with some other young adults to a different location where they had a bible study and we hung out and chatted for a while.  I gotta say, these people were so awesome, and exactly what I’ve needed since arriving in Paris. I’m so blessed to have met them. 🙂

PS–Tonight I learned that Smarties in France are NOT THE SAME THING as in the United States!  French Smarties are like…alternate M&Ms. It’s kind of weird. They should be filled with Nutella instead of chocolate.



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