Week 3: Six Facts from France

I’ve been working on trying to describe this week in a blog post for about three days now. What always comes out is a list of things I did–le Louvre, a cemetery, la Bibliothèque Nationale, le Marais, Sacre Coeur…  And while all those things were AMAZING, there’s not really much to tell. So instead of rehashing everything I did this week, I decided to go about this a little differently this week.

IMG_1293 IMG_2661 IMG_1187 IMG_2831







A list of 6 things about the French/France that I’ve noticed so far!

1. Nobody smiles unless you’re specifically with a group of friends and you’re in a social environment. Just don’t smile or laugh on the Metro ever. Not under any circumstance–even if it’s a joke you read online (hint: don’t read funny things on the metro). The metro is a place for quiet contemplation and distrust. END OF STORY.

2. I don’t know about other people’s host families, but I know that mine keeps her house insanely cold. I don’t think that heat is utilized at all (and here’s where I have to admit my dad was right….).

3. The French don’t refrigerate as much as Americans do. I see cheese and fruit and even eggs just sitting out. My yogurt for breakfast is always taken out of the fridge the night before. I’m not sure why all this happens, but it does.

4. Showers. Of all the things that I might miss of America, I really really really really miss a good ol’ American shower.  French showers typically don’t spray down on you. The nozzle is connected by the tub spout and you like shower yourself with it and you turn off the water in between rinses. I might get used to this…but I doubt it.

5. The French don’t use clothes dryers, they hang dry their clothes typically. On the bright side it means that the new pair of jeans I bought won’t shrink. On the downside, it takes two to three days for them to actually dry.

6. French food is amazing. It’s good for you and it tastes like beauty. 🙂 It may be more expensive, but it’s worth every penny.


4 thoughts on “Week 3: Six Facts from France

  1. Love it! I’ve been debating doing an observations post… It costs way to much to dry clothes here so we let them air dry too. Yay Eco-friendly! But mine dry overnight… I can just picture you laughing on the metro and getting weird looks 😛

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