Dead Things and New Life

Spring is blooming in Paris! 🙂 The flowers are everywhere, and the trees are starting to get some leaves budding on the branches.  It’s been so wonderful to just walk around Paris and really start to get a good sense of where everything is. Sometimes it’s nicer to get lost alone since then I don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of anyone.









Since Paris has been in a warm streak lately, I’ve been taking the opportunity to walk to and from classes more than I otherwise might. It’s certainly faster to take the metro, but the scenic route is worth the extra time. And sure, I might repeat things sometimes, but they’re worth repeating. Although this week I had taken some wonderful pictures and then as I downloaded them from my SD card, I accidentally deleted them all before they had finished downloading. So they were lost. I ended up going back and taking them again, but it wasn’t quite the same. It was just as enjoyable to re-see all the sites, but I try to look like a tourist as little as possible. 😛

Friday, a friend and I decided to visit the French catacombs. So we stood outside for an hour or an hour and a half and then just barely made the last admission.  It was a fascinating historical little…tunnel. Clearly not for the claustrophobic, but a pleasant experience. I took more pictures of skulls that I’ll probably ever need. I’m sure one day I’ll look back and wonder, “Why did I think it was necessary to take about 30 pictures that look nearly identical?” But at the time, I felt totally justified.









Today I went on a picnic to a park on the outskirts of Paris called the Bois de Vincennes. So we grabbed our bread and cheese and jam and cakes and wandered around until we found a bench. There we settled down for two hours and chowed down on our meal. Delicious!

Next weekend I’ll be headed to Normandy–I’m super excited for that! Then shortly thereafter, it’s England and Prague! Hello Europe!



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