Normandy, Venice, and oh yeah, Paris too!

I suppose I kind of forgot to blog about Italy last weekend.  And even about Normandy from the weekend before that!  I have definitely been surprisingly lacking about all the fun thing that I’ve been up to in March. Well…what can I say? I’m in Paris!

So…to start at the very beginning (just to overview my March life), I went to Normandy to visit some French WWII sites and a museum. I was able to go to Omaha beach and Pointe du Hoc and see the bunkers. I wish we’d gotten to spend some more time at those two spots. I could have sat on the beach for the entire day!  It was absolutely beautiful, despite all the horrible things that happened. Still, when you see this picture, it’s almost hard to imagine it as a war zone!




The day after, we went to a monastery from …. a very long time ago. The 8th century?  It was at Mont Saint Michel. Definitely the most incredible monastery I’ve ever seen! Though, I have to admit, it was the first monastery I’d ever seen. 😉  However, as it stood watch over the sea, perched on a mountain with all of it’s fortifications, it was definitely a moment to remember. And since I had forgotten my SD card for my camera in Paris, there aren’t any pictures to try and describe it.

The weekend afterwards, I went to Venice, Italy with a friend of mine. We didn’t actually visit anything together, we went along our separate ways, but it was nice to have a travel buddy.  There, I visited the Island of Burano–which, if you ever find yourself in Venice, it’s definitely worth the commute out to the island to visit!  So much color!

What I noticed most about Venice is that it’s really been transformed into a tourist attraction. There seemed to be very little actual Italian culture there. It was like Disneyworld–a city of stereotypes. Every shop was selling either Venetian masks, Murano glass, or typical tourist stuff. While the city was beautiful, I couldn’t help but wonder when it transformed from an actual city to a tourist’s city. Was it ever home to real Italians?

1780206_10203619362587088_1617713299_o 1911029_10203619364347132_1832171307_o 10003686_10203619372987348_1706120177_o








Now, for my Paris events.

So I went to the Centre Pompidou. Now, if you’re not familiar with Parisian museums, I”ll help you out–this is the one dedicated to Modern Art. I know that a couple posts ago, I commented that modern art seemed rather silly and infantile and completely ridiculous in light of all the art out there….

But after wandering through a museum of modern art, I realized that there’s a vast variety to it all. It’s kind of hard to classify all modern art as something. I went to a black and white photography exhibit–which was fascinating. The things that the photographer decided to take pictures of, I never would have thought to do. The color in all the paintings was refreshing compared to the Louvre which I’d visited a couple weeks back.

Basically, what I discovered is that I actually enjoy modern art quite a lot. Because to me, there’s a lot of difference between these two pieces:

IMG_3841 IMG_3836


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