Spring Break!

Well, as of last Friday, my spring break began. And while I’d love to say I’ve  been wildly productive and using every breathing moment to see the sights of Paris and the Ile de France, that wouldn’t be completely true.

However, over the weekend, I got the opportunity to revisit Versailles–which is always a nice little break. And on Sunday, I visited another modest castle in the village of Rambouillet.  Though the visits were in French, I understood most of it (at least, most of what I listened to–I don’t have the most patience with tours).  I also found  a flea-market/huge yard-sale where I found 3 children’s books in French for one euro total!  Yay!!













Then, on Monday, I visited  Sèvres, an area on the edge of the center area of la ville de Paris. There, I found two ‘parks’.  One was a park–set on top of a hill with lots of trees that hid the view of Paris. But the other area was the Domain of Saint Cloud–which basically means the gardens of a castle without the actual castle. It was gorgeous and had a much better view of the city. There was lots of grass and pretty flowers and statues 🙂  I can’t wait to go back and see the man-made waterfalls when they’re actually functioning (aka–they have water in them.

IMG_5666 IMG_5679 IMG_5680







After all that visiting places, I’ve been lacking motivation for the past 48 hours to do anything significant. Then again, meandering around Paris before I say goodbye for a week while I visit Cardiff (DOCTOR WHO!!!!!), London, and Prague, isn’t such a bad way to spend my time.



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