On the way back to my house on the metro ride, I was planning on writing about a reflection piece about Paris, but as I downloaded my pictures from this afternoon, I decided to talk about my favorite spot in the entire world so far: le Parc de Bagatelle.

I’ve been here three or four times so far in my time in Paris, which is a lot. To some, it might be just another garden, nothing extraordinarily special in the grand scheme of Paris. But to me, it’s the Louvre of flowers, or maybe the Musée d’Orsay. I can stand in front of a flower much longer than I can stand in front of a painting. I spent half an hour today comparing rose smells.  The park de Bagatelle (which is also the Paris botanical garden) is everything I love about Paris wrapped up in one spectacular package. It’s where I feel the most at home; it’s the most heavenly place on earth that I’ve found in all of my travels. And it’s a hidden gem, spared from most tourists.

And it’s more than simply flowers. To get an image (or several) of what’s included in this park, I’ve compiled a short list:

– A little castle


– Caves and waterfalls


– A rose garden


– An Iris Garden


– Peacocks. Lots and lots and lots of them.

IMG_7017IMG_5466 IMG_7010








– Cats








– A mini lake (or two or three)

IMG_5470 IMG_7033 IMG_7071









– Flower arbors and some other gardens of which I don’t have pictures.

IMG_7556 IMG_5486 IMG_7148











There are also free bathrooms on both ends of the park. Which is a pretty handy feature, and they’re generally decently clean and are supplied with soap and toilet paper.



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