image I’ve been here for about 48 hours and, I’ve got to admit, this state is like no other place I’ve ever been. Even in the airport, I was innocently running to the bathroom while I waited for the airport to unload my luggage. Another woman walked in at the same time and just started talking to me. I replied politely, but distanced. She continued to talk to me through the walls of the stalls. Who does that?? Welcome to Texas. Anyway, so I’m just going to make a list of some of my observations…with my own commentary.

– Power. Running water. Tv and internet. ‘Nuf said.

– Not everyone has a southern accent. I have been pleasantly surprised that I can understand what people are saying.

– There are nearly no crosswalks. So in angered revenge, I just wander leisurely across the street whenever and where ever I want. Like come on Texas, catch up with the rest of the world.

– The weather is beautiful. My friend told me it was hot, but compared to Saipan, this is glorious. I can actually go for a run or a walk without coming back drowning in my own sweat. It feels like freedom for my lungs and my pores.

– So many white people. More than in MA. Definitely more than Saipan.

– Not every radio station is country or Christian. I actually kind of expected there to be at least four different genre-based Christian music radio stations. The rest of them would be country. And maybe one pop station.

– Texas has a higher sales tax than Massachusetts. I did not expect that from the most conservative state in the country.

-The alcohol here is dirt cheap.

– In Massachusetts, there are Dunkin’s on nearly every corner. Sometimes there’s even two. In Texas, I expected to see a church on every corner…maybe even two. This is not the case.

– Texas is less vibrant than Saipan, even after it got hit by the typhoon. The sky isn’t as blue, the grass isn’t as green, and the trees feel more brown than the trees stripped of their leaves on Saipan.

Texas is an interesting place y’all.


One thought on “Dear Texas

  1. It is SO crazy how people who live there think it’s SO hot and humid. It does get hot, but the humidity is no where near as bad as Iowa. People there are the best. That’s what I loved most about it. I love the price they have for their home. You absolutely MUST go to a Taco Cabana while your there and you MUST go shopping on Harwin Drive. And be careful because you just might leave being a Texans Fan 😊

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