It’s been a while…

Sometimes you’re just out there living life and then you don’t really notice how much time has passed. In some ways, it feels like nothing has happened, and in other ways, it feels like there’s a whole different person emerging. It really depends on the day and the hour that you ask me “so how are you doing?”


To recap, we finished up the first semester of the school year in January and then had a week long break for Chinese New Year. In class, we’re reviewing some more and working on trying to get my kids to speak in sentences rather than just words. Meanwhile we’re also planning the new curriculum that will begin in March. We’re talking about things that are important (like, keeping the toilet paper stocked in the bathroom, and wiping the foreign toilet seat off when the Chinese teachers pee all over it) and organizing who is going to teach all the extra classes we have. If anyone’s looking to teach abroad, our kindergarten has about 4-5 positions available.


During my Chinese New Year break, I wasn’t in a good enough financial situation to travel in or outside of China (prices are through the roof during this time!), so I stuck around in Changsha to watch everything close down. I really expected there to be more parades and parties, but it was really quiet because Chinese New Year is the time of year where all the Chinese go back home to their families. I had almost anticipated that it would be like the lantern ceremony in Tangled or have the dragon dances and masks. Alas, all that happened was an abundance of fireworks. And boy, were there fireworks.

The Chinese love noise. They are so loud. They blast music, they scream through microphones, and they release fireworks ALL the time –even during the day when you can’t see them. But during Chinese New Year, especially on the eve of the New Year, there are fireworks all night long. My landlord told me I needed to shut my windows to make sure that no sparks entered the house and started a fire. The fireworks were set off everywhere–even less than 20 feet away from my apartment building! Fortunately, the weather was extraordinarily warm and the air was clean and clear, so you could see for miles! At least that meant the fireworks were actually pretty.



2 thoughts on “Hello Friends

  1. Oh my goodness it sounds like the noise could get very annoying at times. I already have to sleep with ear plugs just to drown out the noise at my apartment complex I can’t even imagine how you sleep!!! Good to hear from you again!!!!

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