7 Reasons Not to Work Today

Well, having finished all my homework, I figured I’d post something about work and rest.

1. One missing assignment in exchange for your sanity isn’t such a bad deal…

2. You can’t be real person if you’ve never relaxed and let assignments slip from your grasp.

3. Laughing is more fun and a better useful skill in life than being a perfectionist.

4. A break is necessary in order to keep your mind fresh and working to it’s full potential.

5. Any excuse is a good excuse. So use this blog post as an excuse.

6. You finished all your work already, so you get to goof off and tell your friends all the above reasons for not doing work.

7. You’re diagnosed with chronic laziness.  Oh well…best enjoy life while being lazy. 🙂

Smile. Rest. Love life.


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